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Backup Software

There are many software products which will take care of backups on your computer.  However, Windows 10 comes with backup software that may very well be all you need to make a copy of your key data on external storage, just look in "PC Settings" under "Update and Security" to find the options you have.

Acronis is a good reliable product, but Nortons also provide backup software.

A number of external storage devices come with their own backup software, either on CD/DVD, or via a download, or pre-installed on the backup device.  We tend not to use the pre-installed software and rely now on Acronis or Windows 10 in-built solution.

Do not be tempted by free backup programs offered on the web, these can be irritating with unwanted messages asking you to upgrade, or worse still they can install other unwanted programs that have an adverse effect on your computer.