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External Storage

It is useful to have an external means of storage as a backup to your data held on your computer.  Hard disk drives in computers can fail, if they do you risk loosing important files, or pictures, storing these on a removable disk can save you a lot of pain and trouble.  External hard drives can be powered by a mains adapter, or a  USB connection to your computer.  Storage capacity of USB flash drives has increased significantly over recent years, these are much smaller devices but also provide a backup option

Windows 10 provides a good backup facility, which you can set to automatically backup files to a removable external storage device. Just remember to keep the device plugged in for the process to work smoothly.

Capacities of hard drives used in external storage media are usually between 2-4 TB.

You may also look to have storage in the cloud on OneDrive, or Dropbox.  If you subscribe to Windows Office you get 1TB of storage on Onedrive.