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Questions we are asked

What computers do you work on?

We work mostly on Windows based PCs, or laptops running Windows operating systems. We no longer will carry out work on Windows XP or Vista based machines, we will soon be stopping support for Windows 7 based machines in line with Microsoft's support for the product ending.  We may be able to upgrade you to Windows 10.

Will you provide an estimate?

Yes - we can provide you with an estimate prior to commencing a repair. We will also advise where the cost of repair is considered uneconomic.

Is there a call out charge?

We will make a small charge for a call out and assessment of the problem. Repairs are then charged at either an hourly rate, plus the cost of parts and materials, or at a fixed rate for specific tasks. We will deduct the call out charge from the cost of the repair.

Our starting prices are listed on this site so please follow the link. Prices will vary according to the complexity of the work and all prices quoted do not include components and other materials, or delivery costs.

Unsolicited phone call - do I really have a computer problem?

“I received a telephone call from a company claiming there was a problem with my computer. Is this true do I really have a computer problem?”

Short answer unlikely. This is a scam and if you respond to the caller and do what they say you may allow them to take control of your computer and download malware to your computer. This malware may then collect personal information from your computer, including personal banking information. These scammers will then tell you that they know what the problem is and try to sell you a piece of software to resolve the problem and ask you for a payment - don’t provide any card or bank details to them.

If you get a call like this hang up immediately - there is probably nothing wrong with your computer but the cost of sorting it out afterwards can be expensive.

If you have responded to the scammers requests, then you probably do have a problem - you need to get it checked and definitely do not use your computer on the Internet.

Is there anything I can do to resolve the problem myself?

Often just powering the computer, router/wifi off and waiting a few minutes before switching them back on can resolve some issues. Note that with Windows 10 selecting shutdown has a different effect to selecting restart. If you are having problems with a Windows 10 computer try a restart rather than a shutdown.

We have a page which explains what may cause some issues and possible resolutions. Follow this link to see more.

What are the components of a computer?

The computer consists of hardware (the physical box with all the visible parts) and the software (the program code stored on the hard drive and in memory). See an explanation of components.

Why is my computer beeping or speaking to me?

You may have visited a web page which has a scam linked to it.  If you have beeping from your computer, or a voice telling you that your computer is infected and you need to call a particular number - do not call it.  Just shut your computer down and restart, that may resolve the issue.  If it doesn't give us a call.