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General advice on solving computer faults

windowWindows 10 computers

1. The first thing to do is, restart your computer. Click the start button and select restart, or if this is not available and there is no other option press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. When the computer starts up check whether this has resolved the issue.

2. If the first option did not work, click the start button and then the power button on screen, hold down the keyboard shift key and select restart.

See figure to right.

When the computer has restarted and you have options select. “Troubleshoot” / “Advanced options” / “Startup Settings. Some later versions of Windows have altered this functionality.

Click “Restart”

When the computer reboots you should see options, three of which will be “Safe Mode” options. Try these in turn checking if the problem is resolved (repeat the steps above to get back to “Startup Settings)”.

Note that “Safe Mode” may disable some features and therefore may not help that much in identifying the problem.

3. If step 2 solved the issue you were having then the problem is likely to be a driver, or startup program. If you have loaded any new programs recently, try uninstalling it.

The problem could also be the result of a Windows update.

Restart the computer normally. See “Selective Startup