Potential Issues with New Computer

Previously purchased software can only be installed with a valid licence and installation media i.e. a DVD or an on-line account to download and install.

If you do not have a Microsoft Office licence we can install a free package called “Open Office”.

To be able to transfer your email address to a new computer you will need to provide the following:

  • Your email address (which should never be an issue)
  • Your email password, if you do not have this you may need to obtain it from your internet provider
  • Contact details of your Internet provider and/or your mail account settings, i.e incoming and outgoing server settings

When transferring email from one email client to another e.g. Live Mail to Thunderbird there can be issues and whilst we will try to ensure old emails are transferred, there is a risk that this may not be successful. Options are to move to a Gmail email account and send emails you need to keep to that account, or, simply print copies of emails to a “PDF” file and save on USB drive.

Transferring email address/contacts between systems can also be an issue and I would advise that you print a list from your existing address book, as the process can result in some corruption due to differences in field layouts.  You may be able to export these addresses to a file from within your existing mail client.

If a new router needs to be installed it would be advisable to have your Broadband Username and broadband password available, this is not the same as your email password. It can be obtained from your Internet Service Provider.

If you do move to a new computer your desktop and file structure may be different from what you are used to.  It will have different content and things may appear in different locations.

There may also be an issue with some old hardware such as printers, although this is rare.  In most cases printer software is available over the Internet, but downloading it may be slow if you have a poor Internet connection.