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We are currently exceptionally busy, having received several calls following the Christmas break.  We will still endeavour to resolve your computing issues but may not be able to respond as quickly as we normally would.  Please accept our apologies for any delays.

Cost graph


We have been noticing that the price of some components has been rising significantly in recent weeks.  Intel Processors (i3) now start at around £180, back in August 2018 we were paying slightly less than £100 for this processor.  This increase represent a high proportion of the cost of a new computer.  We are unsure if this is a temporary situation, or whether it is linked to the trade war between US and China, or Brexit uncertainty.

We are continuing to monitor this situation, expecting a sharp rise in the price of computers from big name suppliers to filter through shortly.

We have also become aware of a shortage in supply of Intel processors which is another major factor in the price increase.  Demand is more than supply and this is forcing the price up.  Unless you are absolutely desparate for a new computer, it is better to wait, or consider an AMD processor.

Prices of Intel Processor are starting to return to normal as of January 2019.