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Set up Quick Access

Quick Access is available in Windows 10 to facilitate remote assistance.  It allows the helper to see and take control of the computer of someone who has an particular need.  In versions of Windows prior to 10, this was provided be Remote Assistance.  Remote assistance  was instigated by one of three methods, by sending an email link, or file to the helper, or by Easy connect.  The later could be less reliable.

The option provided by Windows 10 is far more reliable and does not rely on email services working properly.

To use Quick Access, next to the Start button in the bottom left corner, there should be either a circle, or a search box.  If it is a circle, clicking on it opens the search box.  In the search box type “Quick Access" at the top of the list that opens, it should say Quick Access Desktop App and be identified by a icon with a blue background and the outline of two computer screens.  Clicking on the icon should open a box which was two options, Get Assistance and Give Assistance.  To give assistance you need a microsoft account sign in.