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Hardware supplies

IT Support

While we do not normally carry a wide range of stock items, we do have a good supply chain and can usually obtain hardware by the next working day. We do have a few basic components on hand so you can always contact us to find out how quickly we can get a part to you.

We can supply almost anything you need for your computing needs and we will deliver and install if required for a small charge. If you order a computer from us installation and setup is free within our area.

WiFi & Connection Solutions

Resolving connection problems

If you are having problems connecting to the Internet, via wireless, or wired connections, then we are here to help.

We can resolve your issues more quickly when you have any disks that came with your computer, or router available and when you know, or have details of your system passwords and user names for connecting to your broadband service.

We can visit you to set up your computer on the Internet, once you have received notification from your Internet service provider that your service has gone live.

WIFI Issues

WIFI can present additional security risks and you should always secure your router. Change the default password, implement encryption and possibly MAC filtering.

Captive Portals and Guest Internet Connections

We have experience installing portals on campsites and other large premises where normal WIFI connections are too restricted to reach all areas of the site. Using Access points and external antenna we can reach distances of 300-400 metres with relative ease.

In some instances your business may wish to allow guest to use your broadband connection, in doing so you may want to limit their use in some way, or charge, or get users to accept terms and conditions. This can be done by the use of a captive portal.

Web page design

We can design a basic Internet site for you and publish it if you require. There are a number of business / organisations which have asked us to design web sites for them.

We can usually design and implement web sites in such a way which will eventually ensure that your site is fairly high in the Google search list.

Data Recovery

Don’t Panic - contact us!!

When you have a hard disk drive failure or you have accidentally deleted files or folders, it is sometimes possible to recover data from the drive.

We have some specialist tools to help with this and may be able to recover data. The important thing to remember is the more you use your computer when you have deleted files accidentally, or had a hard disk drive problem the less chance there is to recover the data. Ideally if you have deleted files and cannot find them, switch the computer off and do not use it until you have reviewed your options. Just switching on a computer alters the contents of your hard disk drive and could destroy the chances of recovering files.

Data Removal

If you are disposing of a computer don’t forget deleting files does not mean they can’t be recovered. If you have sensitive personal files on your computer you really do need to ensure they are destroyed properly before you dispose of the computer. We can help with this - just give us a call.

Data Backup

We can assist and advise on backing up your data to minimise the risk of loss of important information.

Virus and spyware removal

If your computer has been infected by a virus or spyware we can help you remove these infections. We will be happy to discuss removal and recovery options with you.

Slide scanning

We have a facility for transferring slides to digital images. Slides can be scanned and put on to DVD. The quality of the scanned slides will depend to some extent on the quality of the originals, but we are able to do some minor enhancements at an additional cost.