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Computer Repairs & Upgrades

We will endeavour to repair your computer where it is viable. If repair is considered uneconomic we will discuss your options.

We will endeavour to ensure that data stored on the computer is not lost during repairs. By arrangement and where the disk drive is accessible we will take a backup prior to commencing repairs.

We can carry out some repairs to laptops e.g. replacing hard disk drives, keyboards, cracked screens or broken cables.

We include hard disk and memory upgrades as repairs.

Where possible repairs will be carried out at your premises but it may be more appropriate to undertake them on our premises where more parts and/or more extensive testing is required.

We will endeavour to resolve software problems.

If we re-install your operating system there are a few things you need to be aware of, please check these out.

We can undertake the following hardware repairs.

Replacement of disk drivers, memory, power supplies, graphics cards, DVD drives, fans, processors …..