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General Advice - System Configuration

To choose what starts when your computer starts up to help diagnose the cause of problems perform a selective startup as detailed below.

1. Type “msconfig” or “System Configuration” into the seach box and select “System Configuration” from the top of the list. The window in stage 2 opens.

one image


 2. Select the “services” tab from the system configuration window.start up

3. Click hide all Microsoft services and disable all.

4. Then select the “Startup” tab.

5. Click on “Open Task Manager” and the window similar to that shown against 6 will open.

6. Select the “Startup” tab and disable all start up programs one at a time.task manager

7. Restart you computer and check if this solved your problems. If it did, selectively re-enable startup programs, rebooting your computer after every 5-6 programs and check for errors. Continue this until you get the error or they have all been re-enabled.

8. The next stage is to selectively re-enable start up services using a similar technique to that in 7.

We have more advice and options for you to consider, this involves the possibility of your virus software, or your Firewall blocking applications. To check your computer further see turning off virus and firewall.

Create a Recovery Disk

It is a good idea to create a recovery disk as this may help you to restore your computer should you have a serious problem with it. I conjunction with a recovery disk creating a disk image is also advised, this should be created on a separate external drive, see how.